BUBA CONTRACTOR LTD is a Rwandan society based ideas and initiatives by university graduates in Rwanda since 2014. The concern was to promote the employment of qualified personnel leaving the acquired knowledge to solve technology problems in civil engineering works, mapping, hydraulics and valuation of immovable properties.

BUBA CONTRACTOR LTD is a company capable of doing the study and monitoring of projects.

One of our country motto is to “establish a knowledge -based technology '' and this has motivated us to further develop our skills and knowledge by developing a company with three departments:

    • Valuation and Assessment of immovable (Fixed assets) and movable assets
    • Civil Engineering and Architecture
    • Hydraulics
    • Execution of civil work
    • Study of different Project related to Civil Engineering

However, these skills and knowledge will be transferred to many people to increase productivity and the ability of the middle citizen.



Our technology approach is to use the latest design tools, computer-assisted technology and analysis to provide the analysis and the most reliable characteristics, more efficient and accurate. Each of our fundamental engineers and technicians are junior and some applications and experience in civil engineering, hydraulic and in the evaluation of real estate properties. Their commitment to the development of the Rwandan society provides value-added solutions and advanced cost-effective for our customers.



Our vision is to improve the quality of the infrastructure using the knowledge, skills acquired to create jobs, offering products, and high quality services at home and abroad.


    1. OUR GOALS

Our Office of national and international consultants has the following objectives:

  • Increase the spirit of creativity and innovation, specifically in the Rwandan graduates to create jobs,
  • Improve the quality of products and services infrastructure in our country to the international standard,
  • Make profitable urban and rural drinking water projects that can bring the development of the Rwandan economy,
  • Caring for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for each project cycle.
  • Making effective services to clients in the engineering field and evaluation of movable and immovable properties.

This came paramount because of the government to develop the private sector in the economy and to reduce public sector involvement. This helps in the rapid development and stability of our economy.





Most of nowadays activities require technical skills that is why our company has in its Treaty mandate of all the work of Civil Engineering, Hydraulic and protection of the environment carried out. Motivation is important in our personal or hands and professionalism.

Our goal is to help all the associated institution, business, administration and organizations to have control techniques finishes in the top of defined area. We should all know that “the ability and attitudes are running.”



  • Design and supervision of civil engineering projects
  • Design and hydraulic monitoring and drinking water supplies,
  • Design and supervision of roads,
  • Studies, supervision of architectur,e and construction of buildings,
  • Elaboration of Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects
  • Audits and assessment of building structures




    • Valuation of immovable Properties (Fixed assets) :
      • Valuation for mortgage purposes,
      • Valuation for Insurance purposes
      • Valuation for Taxation purposes
      • Valuation for sales purpose
      • Valuation for bookkeeping purpose
      • Valuation for shares purpose
      • Valuation for a court case
      • Valuation for rental purpose
    • Valuation of movable assets
    • Expropriation of land for public interest
    • Assets Inventory and Codification of properties
    • Property management


Our valuation approach uses different methodologies and modern equipment and updated softwares to provide the most reliable, efficient, and accurate analysis and specifications.



Company Director (Certified Valuer and Engineer)

Quantity Surveyors, GIS Specialists, Assistant Valuers

Civil Engineers

(Technicians) Site Assistants

Secretary and Accountant

Our office has well-qualified staff with enough experience in property valuation, and civil works and is multi-lingual, being fluent in French, Kinyarwanda, and English.



  • Opportunities to express creativity,
  • Positive Relationship with customers,
  • Set goals and strive to achieve them,
  • Security,
  • High quality, efficiency, and consistency.

Our strategies will focus on:

      • Collaboration with partners,
      • Establishment of a business plan,
      • Mobilization and recruitment of professionals,
      • Identification and contact with customers.

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